To Change the Time

As it is an automatic watch, unscrew the crown at 4H all the way, turn crown clockwise to change the time. Pull the crown out once for 'the date' and again (pull further) to adjust the time. Once it is back into position (just before screwing the crown back in), give it a charge by turning the crown 40 times, then screw the crown back on gently and push it inwards at the same time- don't force. Also give the watch a horizontal shake to charge.

The Crown at 2H

Unscrew the crown towards you at 2 o'clock, once it's out turn the crown that controls the bezel. Point it where the minute hand is and screw it back on. Once it's on the bezel won’t move. Compare the time the bezel is pointing at to the actual time (once time has passed) to give you an indication of how long you have been undertaking an activity. For example you will know how long you cooked your pasta for or how long you have been diving for, as the bezel will indicate at what time you started. 

How to open the strap

There are 2 buttons on either side, you press them simultaneously, once you press them the buckle folds apart. Then open the clasp with your finger nails and feed through the other side of the strap through the clasp. Make sure the clasp is open completely while you do this so it feeds through easily. Once you find the right spot push through the pin and click into place. Fold the pieces back on top of each other, make sure you fold one side first before the other half. To take off the watch, just click the same buttons on either side of the clasp and it will open up on itself. 

5 year warranty

All OceanMoon watches come with a 5 year warranty guarantee that commences on the day you activate your warranty via the link below: